Autumn/Winter Lush goodies!

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As I've got older I've realised how beneficial baths are for both your mind and for  relaxation. I think as we get older we seem to carry more stress and  have more things to worry about hence why lately I've really got into baths and really looking after my body.  I will always be a shower person as it's  so much quicker but now and then I really love to treat myself to a nice bath.

I approached the Lush Cosmetics store in Newcastle the other day to find some bath essentials to add to my bath routine and stumbled across the new Autumn and Christmas bath bits!  There is SO much to choose from, I think Lush have definitely upped their game in total bath goals!As they are limited edition I grabbed a few including ...

. Pumpkin bath bomb- This literally smells like pumpkin pie!

. Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar - This smells so sweet! If you are a fan of sweet scents and glitter then this is for you!

. Boo bath melt- This is just so cute ! How could you not?!

. Autumn Leaf bath bomb -  This smells so fresh! I have used this and it makes your bath water turn red and yellow leaving your bath water orange!

. Nothern lights bath bomb - If you are into your fresh clean floral scents then this is for you!

. The Magic Of Christmas bubble bar wand - How cute is this! It's like Christmas on a stick! The spicy cinnamon scent is to die for on these cosy nights. The lovely girl working at Lush informed me to stick this under warm running water for it to  create bubbles! I'm excited to try this one!

Since purchasing these Lush treats I am so eager to have a bath all the time!

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