ELLEfluence event with Benefit Cosmetics!


So the day after The Rub cocktail event , which was a fantastic night of meeting new bloggers, it was time for another event by ELLEfluence which was at the Benefit Cosmetics counter in Debenhams, Eldon square! The event showcased how to achieve perfect brows by showing their luxury wax,tint and eyebrow shape service ,makeup demonstrations, a goodie bag, drink and yummy pizza from Manny's !

I was greeted with a glass of fizz and pizza whilst mingling with other lovely bloggers with some I met previously from The Rub cocktail event and also new lovely ones ( You know who you are)! If I was to rewind a few years ago I probably would've turned down the invite to an event due to the lack of confidence I had but now I LOVE meeting new people especially those who are passionate about make-up and blog like things, just like me! We were put into groups of 5 people where we were first shown Benefits amazing waxing,tint and shaping brow service ( the UKS no1 Eyebrow service company), then we were shown make-up demonstrations. I volunteered to sit down on the clients chair and have my eyebrows filled in and shaped a bit more ,which was so weird for me as a make-up artist as usually its the other way around! The lovely Laura from the Benefit team took into account with what i wanted which was an in between eyebrow look,not too subtle but not too dramatic. As I'm someone who dislikes dramatic over the top 'Instagram eyebrows', I was very pleased with the outcome of the finished look ( pictures above)  and felt like the brows framed my face a lot more! Laura wrote down the products which she used which included the Ka-brow in shade 4, Gimme Brow in Shade 3 and Highbrow highlighter.  At the moment Benefit Cosmetics are offering a brow kit including all the brow products for just £28.50 which is a total bargain as on average each brow product retails at about £20 each! I'd grab that offer right now because that is a total bargain! Our goodie bag was kindly given to us including a Benefit Brow Conditioning primer and a mini Benefit Roller Lash mascara which I have been wanting to try to ages !

After being dolled up, fed and pampered, me and other lovely bloggers decided to go for a quick drink before eheading off home!  I can't wait to see you all soon ( You know who you are ) <3.

The whole experience with ELLEfluence has been so amazing and I am so thankful for the effort and warmth put into each event! I can't wait to see whats in store next <3

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  1. Your brows looked amazing and the photo of you and Laura the Benebabes was one of my fave of the night! I totally can't wait for our adventures....it's only just beginning too xxx

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  3. It was lovely meeting you on Tuesday. I must be honest I hate thick brows and the Hd trend. I loved your brows as they looked more nature. I enjoyed reading your post.

  4. This event looks amazing! Ahhh the pizza, and you look so beautiful, what an incredible experience :D following on GFC! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)