Zoella Beauty Christmas Range !

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Youtuber and blogger Zoella has been someone I have watched and followed since all the way back in 2012 and since then she has gained incredible success including realising books, lifestyle items and most importantly her own beauty line!

 If I am going to be honest, I have never really loved her past beauty products as they have been a little too girly for me but I do know a lot of people who love it but I also do believe that they attract more of the younger generation audience! However, when  Zoe showcased her new Christmas range, which she was about to release,  I was instantly drawn in by the super CUTE packaging which is so up my street! The Zoella Beauty Christmas collection for 2016 is based on the Bake My Day fragrance - a dreamy gingerbread and vanilla cream scent which smells like baked gingerbread men!

 The Bake My Day fragrance includes notes of ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate. I know the sound of gingerbread scented beauty products sound's a bit strange but trust me it is all just so amazing and so addictive! I am a big fan of ginger but if you aren't it may be hit or miss for some for you! With the fragrance comes the Ginger Cream which is a body lotion with the same indulgent scent which makes me actually want to moisturise my body as it is normally something I find such a chore! 

For the bath, I have the Deck the Baubles bubble bath which is filled to the brim with the same delicious Bake My Day scent which I imagine with turn your bath into a bubbly delicious gingerbread bath of pure festive heaven! The packaging is so creative and definitely something Zoe has worked on hard as she is not another 'celeb' who sticks their name on anything! Along with the bath products comes the Snap Fizz Relax gingerbread bath bombs which I can't wait to use!

Last but certainly not least, as it has to my favourite, is the Hungry Hands hand cream! I have had this baby in my handbag for ages now and I can't stop treating my hands to the delicious scent! It is super moisturising for your paws and I just love the rose gold packaging! It also makes moisturising my hands less of chore ! Total bliss in a tube <3

The range has definitely Baked my day !

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1 comment:

  1. I didn't manage to try anything from the Christmas range, but I'll have to check to see if some of it is still on sale! Like you said a gingerbread scent seems a little strange, but I'm now really intrigued to try the fragrance!

    Lizzie xx