REVIEW | Kiehls Creamy eye treatment


So last week I went to The Netherlands with my friend which was amazing I must confess! As I went shopping in the heart of Amsterdam I spotted a Kiehls shop so i rushed over as I've been so eager to try their products for so long .. one of them including their Avocado creamy eye cream. Eye creams are products seen by most people as a anti aging effect for only mature women and men with mature skin. As I'm only 20 I don't get a lot of sleep and cain the under eye concealer which can age my skin so using a good enough eye cream can slow down the progress of aging. Some of you reading this most think I am absolutely bonkers for thinking this but I have a great fear of wrinkles so I am so eager for trying out different eye creams.

I can definitely see a dramatic improvement in my under eye area as it is dramatically a lot  more hydrated leaving my concealer on top to sit nicely and not crease as much beforehand . When the formula is spread it turns into water which disappears instantly and sinks into the skin easily.

Even though it may be pricey , a little goes a long way and it actually does what it says which is a first as I've tried a few eye creams which don't live up to my expectations and what it says on the tin.
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  1. This looks promising. :) Nice post.

  2. Good products are worth their price, generally.