As I am a makeup artist, you would expect me to wear perfectly blended eyeshadow, wear wispy false eyelashes, wear highlighter to blind 'haters' daily 24/7 but I really only do that for special occasions. Over the past year, I have really grown to really accept myself and I actually prefer myself with less makeup and focussing on enhancing my key features, not hiding them. In my teenage years, I was SO insecure with how I looked and by that, I'd hide my eyes with gallons of black eyeliner and try and hide my face in backcombed messy hair. I question why I did this; looking back at photos I cringe so bad. I cringe more at how I thought I didn't look good enough, where now I've really grown to like how I look. That doesn't make me vain at all, which I'm not and never have been,  It just bites backs at media continuously telling us all that we aren't good enough. Media teaches us that we aren't good enough and if someone casually mentions they love themselves or happy with how they look, they are instantly portrayed as 'vain' or 'up themselves', which is really not the point! We should ALL reach that day where we are happy and content with ourselves.You are going to be in your body for the rest of your entire life so you might as well be on the journey to accept yourself and your flaws.

For an everyday look I like to keep it really subtle and quick as I don't have much time anymore! These products are what I generally use daily for the past few months <3!

MAC PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER-  I have been using this concealer for the past few months on any imperfections and to brighten and conceal my under eye dark circles! It has amazing medium to high coverage; it covers dark circles, scars, blemishes, veins redness and pretty much anything you throw at it. It does the job and is very long lasting, however one little down side it the glass bottle; I am always scared to drop it and for to smash! Never the less, it is something I highly recommend for you to try out.

LANCOME TEINT IDOLE ULTRA CUSHION FOUNDATION AND LANCOME CUSHION BLUSH SUBTIL CREAM BLUSHER- I have been using this foundation and blusher for the past few months religiously! I wrote a blog post about these babies a few months ago, read about it HERE

MAC FIX+ SPRAY -I can't recommend this product enough! It makes such a different to your make-up look! I use this not for my makeup to last ,but to mould it all together right at the end. Sometimes when you use foundation, contour, bronzer, blusher and highlighter on the skin it can look quite patchy but my using this spray it blends it all together for you and gives you a nice dewy complexion! It is really good for prepping the skin too by applying it before your foundation and concealer.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY FILMSTAR BRONZE AND GLOW -Oh my gosh this has SERIOUSLY changed my life.Although is on the pricey side, it completely sculpts, highlight and perfects my face in a few sweeps! I wrote a blog post all about a while back HERE ! To be honestly it's totally worth the money I paid.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS DIP BROW-  I bought this ages ago and I still have a lot left as a little goes a long way! I apply this to my brows with an angled brush! It is amazing for adding fullness to my brows and to outline the brow's silhouette. Less is truly more with this, otherwise the formula can look too cakey or waxy on the brows. It lasts all day and it definitely the answer to your perfect brow dreams!

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL LUCIOUS MASCARA- Seriously if you have not tried this then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN GURL? I've moved over from my £20 Benefit They're Real mascara to this which is half the price and achieves volumised, dramatic eyelashes which is everything I expect in a mascara! Maybellines Lash Sensational range are the best mascaras I have ever used hands down<3.

EYELASH CURLERS-  I don't even know where I bought these curlers but I think they should be in any girls/guys make-up kit! As Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury would say ''They are like a push up bra for the lashes''.

MAC PIGMENT IN 'VANILLA'-  I use this for everything whether that's for highlighter,inner corners, eyeshadow base etc. I love to use this in the inner corners of my eyes to really open them up and to make my eyes look brighter! The colour 'Vanilla' is a very popular shade I feel.

RIMMEL LASTING FINISH LIPSTICK IN 'CORAL IN GOLD' This is a beautiful coral subtle lip colour which suits my olive complexion so much! I receive so many compliments wearing this lipstick a lot of people saying It looks very radiant! I feel like this will suit most skin tones!

Youtuber and blogger Zoella has been someone I have watched and followed since all the way back in 2012 and since then she has gained incredible success including realising books, lifestyle items and most importantly her own beauty line!

 If I am going to be honest, I have never really loved her past beauty products as they have been a little too girly for me but I do know a lot of people who love it but I also do believe that they attract more of the younger generation audience! However, when  Zoe showcased her new Christmas range, which she was about to release,  I was instantly drawn in by the super CUTE packaging which is so up my street! The Zoella Beauty Christmas collection for 2016 is based on the Bake My Day fragrance - a dreamy gingerbread and vanilla cream scent which smells like baked gingerbread men!

 The Bake My Day fragrance includes notes of ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate. I know the sound of gingerbread scented beauty products sound's a bit strange but trust me it is all just so amazing and so addictive! I am a big fan of ginger but if you aren't it may be hit or miss for some for you! With the fragrance comes the Ginger Cream which is a body lotion with the same indulgent scent which makes me actually want to moisturise my body as it is normally something I find such a chore! 

For the bath, I have the Deck the Baubles bubble bath which is filled to the brim with the same delicious Bake My Day scent which I imagine with turn your bath into a bubbly delicious gingerbread bath of pure festive heaven! The packaging is so creative and definitely something Zoe has worked on hard as she is not another 'celeb' who sticks their name on anything! Along with the bath products comes the Snap Fizz Relax gingerbread bath bombs which I can't wait to use!

Last but certainly not least, as it has to my favourite, is the Hungry Hands hand cream! I have had this baby in my handbag for ages now and I can't stop treating my hands to the delicious scent! It is super moisturising for your paws and I just love the rose gold packaging! It also makes moisturising my hands less of chore ! Total bliss in a tube <3

The range has definitely Baked my day !

So the day after The Rub cocktail event , which was a fantastic night of meeting new bloggers, it was time for another event by ELLEfluence which was at the Benefit Cosmetics counter in Debenhams, Eldon square! The event showcased how to achieve perfect brows by showing their luxury wax,tint and eyebrow shape service ,makeup demonstrations, a goodie bag, drink and yummy pizza from Manny's !

I was greeted with a glass of fizz and pizza whilst mingling with other lovely bloggers with some I met previously from The Rub cocktail event and also new lovely ones ( You know who you are)! If I was to rewind a few years ago I probably would've turned down the invite to an event due to the lack of confidence I had but now I LOVE meeting new people especially those who are passionate about make-up and blog like things, just like me! We were put into groups of 5 people where we were first shown Benefits amazing waxing,tint and shaping brow service ( the UKS no1 Eyebrow service company), then we were shown make-up demonstrations. I volunteered to sit down on the clients chair and have my eyebrows filled in and shaped a bit more ,which was so weird for me as a make-up artist as usually its the other way around! The lovely Laura from the Benefit team took into account with what i wanted which was an in between eyebrow look,not too subtle but not too dramatic. As I'm someone who dislikes dramatic over the top 'Instagram eyebrows', I was very pleased with the outcome of the finished look ( pictures above)  and felt like the brows framed my face a lot more! Laura wrote down the products which she used which included the Ka-brow in shade 4, Gimme Brow in Shade 3 and Highbrow highlighter.  At the moment Benefit Cosmetics are offering a brow kit including all the brow products for just £28.50 which is a total bargain as on average each brow product retails at about £20 each! I'd grab that offer right now because that is a total bargain! Our goodie bag was kindly given to us including a Benefit Brow Conditioning primer and a mini Benefit Roller Lash mascara which I have been wanting to try to ages !

After being dolled up, fed and pampered, me and other lovely bloggers decided to go for a quick drink before eheading off home!  I can't wait to see you all soon ( You know who you are ) <3.

The whole experience with ELLEfluence has been so amazing and I am so thankful for the effort and warmth put into each event! I can't wait to see whats in store next <3

For years I have truly been infatuated with Charlottes passion and love for make-up and also how she empowers both women and men all over the globe with her very own makeup line ! When watching Charlotte apply makeup, she truly explains the benefits of her products and exactly what they achieve when enhancing the face! As Charlotte has been an incredible celebrity make-up Artist for years I can identify that for years she has poured her entire heart and soul into her brand. By doing this she has  not just stuck her name onto something without little knowledge about why certain ingredients have been used. Since the launch of Charlottes tremendous makeup, it has been loved by so many people, including me !

Entering the Charlotte Tilbury stand in Fenwicks, Newcastle is like entering a rose gold wonderland which really captivates the eye when walking through the maze of makeup counters. I have used a few of  Charlottes lipsticks including an Autumn favorite 'Glastonberry' which I am super pleased with as the pigmentation, vanilla smell and lasting power is truly worth the more pricey price tag! Whilst rummaging through the makeup,  the Hot Lips lipstick in the colour 'Tell Laura' instantly caught my eye! The colour is so up my street as these type of colours truly suit my complexion and taste as I am never someone who shys away from bold lips! As I currently work in a hot, sweaty studio where I constantly drink coffee whilst applying makeup to clients, my lipstick usually needs to be reapplied however,  wearing this lipstick  stayed put the whole entire day and only justt slightly faded! I feel like this is going to be my new favorite!

After  constantly catching the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze & Glow on so many blogs,youtube videos and make-up artist kits,I felt like it was time to see what the fuss was all about. Not only is it admired by a lot of people, the sculpt and highlighter is surrounded by a beautiful and classy rose gold packaging which truly reflects the quality of the product itself! Before purchasing, I asked to try it beforehand and it  totally transformed my skin instantly! It gives a beautiful very subtle contour and highlight to the face which is very buildable depending how high your contour and highlighting goals are! This product really sculpts my face so quickly and easily that I have now moved on from my trusty L.A Girl contouring concealer in 'Beautiful Bronze' to now this ! I feel so comfortable contouring with this in day time as it so natural and can easily be buildable to a more night time dramatic look ! I am so pleased to find amazing products that are definitely worth their price tag! I can't wait to try more from Charlottes range because so far I am impressed and in love with her brand! Thank you Charlotte for giving me killer cheekbones and luscious bold lips!

So on Thursday I was invited by ELLEfluence to attend the amazing Urban Decay event in Newcastle which included a make-up class hosted by the talented Urban Decay artists team! The team were showcasing the benefits of the brand new Urban Decay makeup goodies and showing us tips and tricks on how to use them! As I am a makeup artist myself, it's key for me to know what's new and to keep up to date with any new techniques that are trending! It was my first proper event and I was both excited yet very nervous, however, the night turned out to be a complete success  as everyone was so lovely! I am so ready for another one!

The night consisted of make-up, meeting lovely bloggers,drink and yummy food made by Rub Smokehouse & Bar in Newcastle! I tried a pulled pork and apple burger and it was literally LIFE. I am definitely going to attend there next time I'm in Newcastle and so should any of you reading! After the Urban Decay team showing us all their magic  and tricks in their makeup class, which were delivered so passionately, we were then directed downstairs into the store to have a closer look at the products and to make any cheeky purchases, which I certainly did! The brand new Urban Decay Liquid moondust eyeshadows really struck my attention with how beautiful the two-toned colours are especially the colour 'Recharged' which I purchased ( swatch in the photograph above). Along with my purchase, I was also given a goodie back full of samples to try out!

I really enjoyed the night and all the effort that was put into it by ELLEfluene, Rub Smokehouse & Bar, Laura Pearman Photography and most importantly Urban Decay! <3

So yet again I was surprised by the postman to another exciting parcel of luxurious Lancome make-up to try out ! It's absolute heaven receiving new make-up to try especially for a make-up artist myself who is obsessed with make-up!

 I was spoilt with the new Lancome L'absolu Rouge lipsticks in the colours 'Indecise' which is such a  beautiful sassy red and also a very pretty pink spring/summer shade in the colour 'Rose Rendez-Vous'! The lipstick collection was created by the ultimate make-up artist legend, Lisa Eldridge, who has designed such amazing colours for everyone's needs.
These lipsticks are opened by simply clicking the rose at the top of the lipstick bullet leaving the lipstick to eject which is a cool unique touch to the lipstick collection!The packaging is very classy and sleek , everything that the brand Lancome is,  not plastic and cheap.

I tried the pink colour 'Rose rendez-Vous' first and I am really happy with the way it suits my completion as normally I'm someone who rarely goes for nude/pink lips. As it is a cream formula it glides on my lips beautifully and feels super moisturising yet pigmented.  It has the old-fashioned lipstick scent which I personally really like as Lancome are keeping it traditional being a brand that's been around for so long. The colour makes me feel very feminine and girly which  I think will look perfect for a very delicate make-up look with subtle eyes.

As I'm someone who loves bold red lips my eyes fell in love as soon as I saw the colour  'Indecise' which is a beautiful red colour, right up my street ! As the formula to this lipstick is sheer it is very similar  to a tinted balm with a slight bit more red pigment. This moisturising formula is perfect for those who are on the run because it offers conditioning and a nice red tint in one step, leaving fuss at bay! I feel like this would be perfect for the colder seasons, especially Christmas!

Overall I think the colour, design and formulas to the lipsticks are divine and definitely a more luxurious addition to your make-up bag. Personally, I do believe  that if you think its way too much damage to your bank card you will definitely find cheaper alternatives that have the same amazing quality! i  think it would be perfect for a Birthday or Christmas present for a friend of family member! 


As I have fallen head over heels for this beautiful purple lip colour which is the NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the colour'Amethyst' I just had to team it with some gorgeous purple eyes!

If this is a bit too daring for you then it will be perfect for Halloween if you aren't dressing up! I know it's definitely not too daring for me as sometimes love looks that are more different and creative! I've learnt to come out of my comfort zone to experiment and basically not care what anyone thinks ! Total purple goals!

Eyeshadow - I used the colour 'Jilted' from the Urban Decay Electric palette in the crease followed by the colour 'Urban' from the same palette for all over the lid leaving out the centre part. For the centre part of the eyelid I used a little bit of Screen Face D range foundation in the colour 'D1' and then topped it with Stargazer glitter !

Eyeliner- Lancome Grandiose Liner

Eyelashes - Primark Natural False Eyelashes

Highlight - MAC Cosmetics pigment in 'Vanilla'

Lips - NYX Cosmetic Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the colour 'Amethyst'

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