A few weeks Lanc么me surprised me with these makeup beauties in the post! The Teint Idole Ultra Cushion foundation and the Cushion Blush Subtil cream blusher. 

Both products come with a application cushion which makes applying on the go super simple and straight forward. These two babies are perfect for all skin types which is a bonus! 

The Teint Idole Ultra Cushion foundation is seriously a MUST HAVE ; I have fallen in love with this foundation! I find it so easy to apply  and the coverage is great at hiding unwanted spots/scars etc and it is so easy to build if needed. To apply you simply dab  your cushion sponge into the foundation and Dab it lightly and evenly across your face . It feels so lightweight but still covers allowing my skin to breathe and not feel clogged plus it has a matte finish without it being at all powdery.  A little goes a long way so there's no need to apply a lot as I noticed it can look too heavy otherwise .Amazing for touch ups or weekends away without having to take a heavy glass jar of foundation away with you praying it hasn't smashed and leaked everywhere ( been there ). SO travel friendly. 

The Cushion Blush Subtil has the same application as the foundation and the colour I received was the gorgeous Sorbet Grenadine. I found this to be very pigmented so you only need to dab a little onto your cheek then pat in to blend it out  and it creates a beautiful subtle flush of colour on the cheeks. The thing I recommend with this blusher is to use a good primer underneath as the colour can sometimes be streaky . If you have dry/dull skin you'll LOVE this as its very hydrating and leaves a dewy finish which gives the cheeks a little bit of a glow . Yet again , perfect for travelling so say goodbye to those powder/foundation brushes! The blusher is £28 which is a little pricey but if I'm going to be honest you'll probably find one just as good but a lot cheaper! 

Personally I am satisfied with the result these products leave ! 


I'm very nosy when it comes to bedrooms and I assume some of you are like me too ! I thought I'd snap a few photos of different areas of my bedroom ! As well as makeup/beauty I love interior 

WARNING: Be sure to put your sunglasses on for the serious GLOW I have going on here.

Dewy youthful looking skin. Who doesn't want that ?  Adding a highlighting cream/highlighter powder to my makeup just transforms my skin from looking dull and lifeless  to more youthful and vibrant! I feel like a glowing goddess when I'd added a little bit of highlight to my skin .As a make- up artist i love using highlighting creams on my more mature clients as it simply transforms there skin giving them a more youthful appearance ! You can mix highlighting creams in with your foundation/bb cream or moisturiser for a all over subtle glow. Or for a more dramatic glow it glides great on above the cheekbones , bridge of the nose, cupuds bow and forehead ( if I do this I like to top it with highlighter powder to finish the look ) . 

As I've tried high end to high street high lighting creams I want to show for those of you who are reading my hands down top 3 drugstore highlighting creams that won't damage your bank balance.


Out of the 3 this has to be my current favourite ! I only purchased this the other day whilst I was shopping and it is just so beautiful ! It is very build able depending on how strong  you want your highlighting  game to be  ! A very little goes a long way so I can see this lasting for a very long time ! I've been using this since I bought it and I will never look back ! It's vegan and cruelty free so what's more to love ? Total magic in a jar. 


Primark makeup in my top favourites ? Yes I am shocked myself! I picked this up for about £2 assuming I'd use it once but holy moly this is seriously highlighting goals! It is so pigmented and blends absolutely beautifully. As it is highly pigmented I recommend that it should be used more as a strong highlighter on the cheekbones,forehead,nose,cupids bow for more night time . This is a total bargain you can't say no ! 


Last but definitely not least  is the Soap & Glory instant visual flaw softening illuminator. I've owned this for ages now as well as another for my makeup Artist kit. Out of the 3 this is more subtle and I use this more for mature skin as it leaves a more lighter subtle glow! This is perfect mixed in with moisturiser, BB cream or foundation for al over the face to give the skins little more glow. 

I woke up the other day and decided to have a full on detox with  my body and also my mind! I've been nothing but a little  stressed for the past few weeks and as Autumn is approaching ( my favourite season ) I WILL get back on track with  everything. 

It's highly important to take care of ourselves and to pamper our body on the inside as well as the outside and with the help of treating myself to the The Body Shops Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask . It is tremendously detoxifying for the skin leaving it feel beautiful thoroughly cleansed . Luckily, I am already blessed with good skin but as I've ate a lot of junk food , due to stress lately , I have witnessed a few under the skin spots... OUTCH! When I first applied the mask my skin did become a little sensitive to it but it only lasted a few seconds then it was completely fine! This post is not sponsored by The Body Shop in anyway just want you all to sit back, relax and experience the benefits of charcoal for your skin/body. 

I was inspired by the amazing YouTuber/ Blogger  Niomi Smart who explained the benefits of the mask and why charcoal is so good for the body! I even followed her recipe for a delicious iced tea inspired by the Himalayan Charcoal face mask which looks a little scary but it tastes amazing and you can't even taste the charcoal which is a win ! 

Niome  Smarts Charcoal Iced Tea! 
1 green tea bag 
Half a lemon squeezed 
Fresh mint leaves 
1 tea spoon of syrup 
1 Charcoal capsule poured in ( I found mine at Holland & Barrett) 

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