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WARNING: Be sure to put your sunglasses on for the serious GLOW I have going on here.

Dewy youthful looking skin. Who doesn't want that ?  Adding a highlighting cream/highlighter powder to my makeup just transforms my skin from looking dull and lifeless  to more youthful and vibrant! I feel like a glowing goddess when I'd added a little bit of highlight to my skin .As a make- up artist i love using highlighting creams on my more mature clients as it simply transforms there skin giving them a more youthful appearance ! You can mix highlighting creams in with your foundation/bb cream or moisturiser for a all over subtle glow. Or for a more dramatic glow it glides great on above the cheekbones , bridge of the nose, cupuds bow and forehead ( if I do this I like to top it with highlighter powder to finish the look ) . 

As I've tried high end to high street high lighting creams I want to show for those of you who are reading my hands down top 3 drugstore highlighting creams that won't damage your bank balance.


Out of the 3 this has to be my current favourite ! I only purchased this the other day whilst I was shopping and it is just so beautiful ! It is very build able depending on how strong  you want your highlighting  game to be  ! A very little goes a long way so I can see this lasting for a very long time ! I've been using this since I bought it and I will never look back ! It's vegan and cruelty free so what's more to love ? Total magic in a jar. 


Primark makeup in my top favourites ? Yes I am shocked myself! I picked this up for about £2 assuming I'd use it once but holy moly this is seriously highlighting goals! It is so pigmented and blends absolutely beautifully. As it is highly pigmented I recommend that it should be used more as a strong highlighter on the cheekbones,forehead,nose,cupids bow for more night time . This is a total bargain you can't say no ! 


Last but definitely not least  is the Soap & Glory instant visual flaw softening illuminator. I've owned this for ages now as well as another for my makeup Artist kit. Out of the 3 this is more subtle and I use this more for mature skin as it leaves a more lighter subtle glow! This is perfect mixed in with moisturiser, BB cream or foundation for al over the face to give the skins little more glow. 

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  1. I wouldn't have thought that Primark would have such good quality products! What a bargain too. The lush one looks nice too :)

    Neelam | x