That Nivea shaving balm

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So i can guess that some of you are probably wondering why I have created a post about  mens shaving balm,  whilst  the rest of you  who are reading will probably know about the huge craze. Before you jump to any conclusion, I don't use this for shaving, but for a primer under neath my make-up!

I was in boots the other day and whilst mooching through the beauty isles I spotted this for only £5 so I thought it was worth a shot. Plus at the time I thought it wouldn't be much of a bore if it didn't turn out good ,as its very inexpensive. I seen positive reviews and photos of this product spread out all social media from top beauty bloggers/youtubers to other people in general ,continuously approving the amazing results this product presents.

 So is this a winner or a complete shamble !? Definitely a winner! I applied a generous amount all over my face  then applied my normal everyday make-up then when i came back home and looked into the mirror my make-up was still on just how I first left it! It was like the balm and glued the foundation onto my skin! I've always had a indecisive opinion on primers and from experience of using high end primers to high street (drugstore) primers none worked as great as I expected.

I am so glad I now have this in my make-up bag and in my Make-up Artist kit as if has honestly changed my make-up life ! I'm looking forward to using this on my clients and I feel a lot more confident that my clients make-up will stay put all day. If you haven't tried this then you must because I can now see why everyone is buzzing over it!
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